front door

front door
exterior door (at the entrance) at the front of a building (Freq. 10)
Syn: ↑front entrance
Hypernyms: ↑exterior door, ↑outside door
Part Meronyms: ↑knocker, ↑doorknocker, ↑rapper

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1. : the main entrance to a dwelling or apartment having more than one entrance : a doorway fronting on or giving direct access to a street or road
a. : a place or area affording the main or best approach or access (as to a country)

the war would then be brought directly to the front door of the Americas — Emil Lengyel

b. : an open direct forthright approach or a legal approach toward gaining some object

should do it directly and openly, through the front doorYale Review

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1. the main entrance to a house or other building, usually facing a street.
2. Informal. anything offering the best, most direct, or most straightforward approach to a place, situation, objective, etc.

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front door noun
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Main Entry:front

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front door UK US noun [countable] [singular front door plural front doors]
the main door at the front of a house
Thesaurus: doors and windowshyponym parts of doors and windowsmeronym

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front door,
1. the main entrance of a house or dwelling.
2. Figurative. the main approach to a place or objective: »

... Lanchow, an ancient city on the Silk Route around the Tibetan mountains into Russia and western Asia: classical China's “front door” (New Scientist).

3. Figurative. an open and aboveboard approach to any objective: »

[He] is hoping to get by the back door what [he] failed to obtain through the front door of the House of Lords last year (London Times).

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ˌfront ˈdoor [front door front doors] noun
the main entrance to a house, usually at the front

There's someone at the front door.

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